As the province enters Stage 3 of the reopening plan on Friday, July 16, 2021, capacity limits will be removed for indoor and outdoor funeral services, including visitations.
Restrictions that will remain in place are:

  1.     Masks and/or face coverings are required.
  2.     Physical distancing of 2 metres (6 ft.) between people.
  3.     COVID signage will be present at the entrance and around the facility so that guests can self-assess.
  4.     Contact tracing will continue.

Important Note:  Cemetery can restrict capacity limits as they deem necessary.  They are permitted to be stricter with numbers and we must comply.

Our families are our priority.  Please stay well.

   1. What is a Site Visit Authorization ?

A travellers limited  release from quarantine. Each applicant is required to submit their own Site Visit Authorization form.  You can visit for further information.

   2. Does your funeral home sign the Site Visit Authorization forms for travellers?

It is our priority to keep all of our guests and staff safe. Therefore, we do not sign the Site Visit Authorization forms for travellers, under any circumstances.

We will provide a complimentary ‘Confirmation of Death’ letter with the traveller’s name , relationship and service dates.  

    3. Where do I find information for Covid-19 fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada?

Please visit the government website by clicking the link.