Ashanique Biggs

Obituary of Ashanique Biggs

It is with deep sorrow and much love that we mourn the passing of Ms. Ashanique "Ash" Biggs, magnificently known as Ash, who departed this world far too soon on September 5th, 2023. Born on February 4th, 1997, Ashanique lived her life with boundless compassion and care.


A beacon of warmth and kindness, Ashanique touched countless lives with her generous spirit. Her inimitable personality permeated through every interaction, leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to have known her. Her sincere smile and open heart left no doubt that she

was a genuine carer, dedicated to the people she loved and the causes she believed in.  


She is survived by her cherished family members and friends, who remembers her with a heavy heart and yet immense pride. Ashanique's unique blend of devotion, empathy, and love will continue to live on through all who had the honor of being a part of her world.  In this time of grief, we are reminded of the beautiful soul that was Ashanique "Ash" Biggs. Her absence will be keenly felt, but the memories she created, the relationships she cherished, and the values she embodied are eternally etched in the hearts of those who were blessed to know her. 


To send flowers, the Biggs family has requested that all floral tributes are only ordered from:  Gabby's Floral Creation.  

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